The things America has forgotten

Naturally, this list can be as long as my arm but for now, here are the first three that come to mind.

The first: What ever happened to the “beacon on a hill” ideal that the country was founded on? Where did that “lead by example” approach that was intended to separate the American life from that of the rest of the world (especially Europe) go? Increasingly we are looking like hypocrites that have abandoned our morals to chase down that all-mighty dollar. I shan’t go into details here, but ask yourself, if we are truly attempting to lead by example, what example are we setting for the rest of the world? Arrogance? Belligerence? Egotism?

The second: When has immigration become a new phenomenon? The country has its foundation entrenched in immigrant contributions; both physical labor and cultural input. So why now have so many Americans adopted this xenophobic disposition? Though I do believe the borders (northern and southern) should be more secure and guarded more efficiently. I don’t believe that immigration has as much to do with terrorism and economics as it does with territorialism. As far as I know, the profits from cheap labor corporations have gotten from immigrants outweighs the supposed “strain on the economy” they have presented. Also, as far as I know, our know terrorists/spies have all come here legally or were citizens. Yes, those that come here SHOULD learn the common language of English. (Because if I moved to Korea, people would expect me to know the language, right?) However, what’s the big deal with us learning the language of our neighbors? Would it kill America’s national identity if we were bi-lingual? Regardless, those threatened by immigration need only refresh their memory as to two things. First, where their families lineage begins (unless they are Native American) and second, what it reads on the Statue of Liberty.

The third: When are we going to realize that partisan politics is ruining our chosen leadership’s ability to make the best choices for the greater good of the public? Its absurd to think that all our potential elected officials have the same views on all the issues according to party. The whole red state, blue state phenomenon developed because candidates have run themselves farther and farther into the corners of liberalism and conservatism in order to separate themselves from the other party and simultaneously seem more electable. However, this “party unity” has polarized most people into voting for the person they hate least or the person represented by either an R or D. The issues have become increasingly useless because no one votes for the person but for the party. Watching the debates or interviews, all the candidates say the same things essentially. The differences only of how long to stay in Iraq and how money will be spent (or not spent) differently are the things that differentiate the candidates.

Americans must remember that for much of the world, our influence is immense and ultimately the example to follow. We need to adjust our national identity by demanding more from our leaders and aiming to fix the issues at home before we can help others. Americans must remember the benevolence of the country is what garnered the respect of the world not our military or our money.


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