Did We Forget About Africa?

A little while back, I wrote about “the Things America has Forgotten”. While that list very truncated, it provided a good foundation upon which I will again complain about the things America has lost sight of.

Only the oblivious could miss the direction I will be moving toward but I’ll ask again, did we forget about Africa? First, to all of you that’s first reaction is, “who cares about Africa?”, you are the imbeciles this is written for. Second, to all of you that said, “man, you are so right!”, thanks for returning to soak up some of my outrage.

Moving along, yes, did we forget about Africa? This continent, full of culture and history is also being burdened with poverty, famine, war, and corruption. But sadly, no one is taking notice. Or at least no one with the power to do anything is noticing. Maybe my question is all ready answered and we did forget about Africa. But why did we? And worse, why we should reconsider this neglectful pattern.

The answer to the next question is easy. We forgot about Africa because of two things. First, there is little strategic military need to set up camp there. With no perceived eminent threat in the region it doesn’t make sense to stay there. The second, is because there is little to know economic gain from being there. So, for those keeping score, yes we forgot Africa because there is no military need nor is there much profit to be made. This similar to much of American foreign policy, we trade with some of countries, but our interest in truly helping them is minimal.

So, we forgot about an entire continent of people who truly need help and this is what we have received in return. The spread of anti-American extremism which looks to destroy all things Western. So, I’ll go out on a limb and say that maybe, just maybe, America is less safe now that it was before. Maybe going into Iraq behind the War on Terror has served as gasoline for the fire; where more “terrorists” now exist than before and less people respect American policy. So what should we do with Africa?

I believe that American foreign policy needs to shift from “what can you do for me” to “let’s help you so you’ll never betray me”. This is not achieved through force, or through neglect, but through unconditional help. At current, Africa is a blank slate waiting to be shaped into a prosperous continent. And to appease to all the xenophobes think of it this way, if we take the time and effort to go there and help then they wouldn’t want to come here, right? Right. I see you disgustingly pleased by the idea.

Seriously though, we need to consider exporting our experience and not our might.


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