PUMA = Morons

PUMA. You’re probably thinking “it’s gotta be about sports.” But, unfortunately I’m not. However, to help make a point I will begin with sports logic.

When it comes to bitter sports rivals there is usually questionable logic applied when one team loses. To clarify, say the Jets beat the Dolphins in the playoffs, usually either people support the Jets because they are in the same division and it makes them look better for losing to them. Or, they support the other team because they’d rather see someone else win than watching their rivals happy.

I can see your mind working. It makes sense, right? It makes sense in both cases for…..SPORTS!!!

However, PUMA is an acronym for a new political action party. It stands for Party Unity My Ass. Though on weak legs, the movement is compromised of Hillary Clinton loyalists and other liberals that believe it would be better to see John McCain win in November than Barack Obama.

From what I understand, PUMA is mostly women’s rights and gay rights advocates that feel they were victims of discriminatory sentiment from the Obama campaign. Now, while that claim is debatable, there is something that I just don’t understand. Why would a group of women’s and gay rights advocates try to vote in a member of the party that has not supported those rights? And worse, a person who upholds those party viewpoints.

These Liberals are being a little ridiculous about this. Ok, Hillary lost and it was a tough fight, but this “enemy of my enemy is friend” logic, or this “I don’t want to see my closest competitor win” sports logic has no place in intellectual politics. It’s petty, illogical and moronic. If I were a disgruntled Liberal I wouldn’t bet on the fact that McCain and the Conservatives would treat my values better than Obama.


PUMA renames itself to People United for Moronic Actions! They realize that they are morons and yet are still motivated to continue. Awesome!


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