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Food for Thought: Evolving Democracy

Well, I’ve spent some time placing together a few well-intentioned ideas that I had into a digestible document.  This is the product and below is a sample paragraph from the introduction:

Democracy, similar to evolution, is an inherently flawed system.  The subscription to the idea that a government of the people is, in theory, the most rational and most candid system of government to operate is more than reasonable; particularly in comparison to other forms of government.  However, without carefully reasoned, well-intentioned and periodically modernized mechanisms in place, a democracy can begin to work against the very people that the system aims to protect.  Subsequently, while most modern democracies have long implemented legal affirmations of popular liberties like: freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom to peacefully assemble, the right to participate in fair and free elections and freedom from government abuses, there are still many matters that need to be addressed.  Democracy likely cannot be perfected, but that should not be the goal.  Democracy can be made fairer, egalitarian, and better equipped to stand the test time. And also, like evolution, there should be room for adaptation.

It’s completely free, so run over to Smashwords and download it.